Founded over 24 years ago, GK Telecom established itself as one of the most prominent distributors of SIM and calling cards in the UK.

While its primary focus was on calling cards in the beginning, the company expanded into the prepaid SIM market in 2004 and has since become one of only four SIM-only distributors in the UK, selling over 100,000 SIMS per month across various networks.

GK Telecom has continually evolved and adapted to market changes, leading the way in introducing innovative eSIM technology to its partners. This revolutionary communication method has transformed the market by enabling customers to swap networks instantly without requiring a physical SIM card. Making communication anywhere in the world accessible and affordable.

What sets GK Telecom apart is its unique mobile accessories, in-house branding, and point of sale facility. The company takes pride in being an award-winning, trustworthy business partner in the mobile industry, standing out as a unique entity among its peers.

What’s Next?

If you would like to become part of the GK family and enjoy unrivalled levels of service and our vast experience in the market please complete the Application Form and Self Billing Agreement. The Self Billing agreement allows us to pay commission for your topped up sims directly into your bank account and means you don’t need to invoice us for it – thereby making life a lot easier.

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