Terms and Conditions PAYG SIMs and Commissions

  1.  Any SIMs that are connected, topped up with a minimum of £5, have made a chargeable event and are not subsequently clawed back by the network are eligible for commission. This applies to all sims supplied by GKT only
  2.  Commissions are payable monthly and a minimum of 5 connections is required. Commissions will only be calculated for organic connections.
  3.  Payments will be made by Bacs transfer, cheque, vouchers or accessories as agreed between the retailer and GKT Business development manager.
  4.  Minimum cheque value £20.
  5.  All amounts quoted on the quarterly commission brochure is exclusive of Vat. GKT will only pay commissions with Vat to retailers providing vat registration numbers.
  6.  GKT will deactivate any retailer account that fails to show any activity for a continuous period of 6 calendar months. The definition of activity in this clause is zero activation of sims or zero supply of sims.
  7.  All promotional material provided by GKT must be displayed prominently.
  8.  All GKT supplied sims must be displayed at all times on GKT supplied display material.
  9.  GKT will clawback commissions for all connections deemed fraudulent by the networks.
  10.  For the avoidance of doubt, fraudulent connections include, but are not limited to Gateway activity, credit card fraud, Spam SMS, International roaming fraud, Premium call and text fraud, unauthorised batch top-ups, artificial connections.
  11.  Any request for details by networks of retailers involved in fraudulent activity will be provided to the networks by GKT.
  12.  GKT reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions without notice.
  13.  GKT has the right to refuse supply at our discretion.
  14.  All supplies of sims and commissions are supplied through a ‘signed for’ service and it is mandatory to provide signatures upon receipt by retailers. All supplies are tracked from our warehouse through our delivery partner.
  15. Important Notice: Dealers must consistently maintain at least 5 connections every month for a continuous period of 3 months to be eligible for commission claims and ledger access.


GK Telecom Ltd,

Alpha House, 646C Kingbury Road, London NW9 9HN.


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