Why be restricted to your home or the office when you can take your internet anywhere with our PAYG (Pay As You Go) mobile broadband products. Just plug the dongle into your laptop or PC and get instant internet access.

You aren’t stuck at a place plus there are no commitments and no contract. Just like any prepay mobile phone, top up when your allowance runs out; and you are good to go.

Sim Card

GK Telecom is the one stop shop for your SIM card solutions. GK are affiliated to all the major networks and have a transparent billing

Mobile Broadband

GK Telecom offers a range of PAYG (Pay As You Go) mobile broadband products. These come in the form of a dongle which you can plug into

Free Point of Sale

GK offers a fantastic range of complimentary POS (Point of Sale) to suit your stores and outlets including posters, counter displays Our

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