GK Telecom supports Vodafone and Mail Force schools.connected scheme

GK Telecom will support the technical build and maintenance of the online order process   GK Telecom has today announced it is supporting Vodafone and Mail Force in its partnership to offer another 150,000 SIM cards to schools in the UK. This is an extension of Vodafone’s schools.connected programme which was launched in November 2020 […]

GK Telecom named Vodafone’s logistics partner on free SIMs to schoolchildren initiative

SIM distributor GK Telecom is extending its partnership with Vodafone by being named the logistics partner for the operator’s schools. connected initiative. The initiative will see Slough-based GK, which has been a pay-as-you-go SIM distributor for Vodafone for the past two years, provide technical and logistics support for the scheme, which launches on November 30. Vodafone is […]

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