GK Telecom supports Vodafone and Mail Force schools.connected scheme

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GK Telecom will support the technical build and maintenance of the online order process


GK Telecom has today announced it is supporting Vodafone and Mail Force in its partnership to offer another 150,000 SIM cards to schools in the UK.

This is an extension of Vodafone’s schools.connected programme which was launched in November 2020 and has already provided 350,000 SIM cards with free data to schools and colleges across the UK.

GK Telecom will support the technical build and maintenance of the online order process, the packaging and preparation of every order, and most importantly, delivery of the SIMs to the school that orders them.

GK Telecom director Gummy Dulku said: “GK Telecom is once again delighted to help with Vodafone in its partnership with the Mail Force Computers for Kids campaign and in playing a role in getting connectivity to UK children who need it most.”

GK Telecom operations director Ravi Navaratnam added: “The team are again delighted to be part of such an important combined project.

“We’ve channelled our experience and enthusiasm on this
worthwhile project to make it the very best we can – it is very much close to our hearts.”




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