GK Telecom to roll out 1,000 McDonalds-style eSIM self-order kiosks

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ESIM provider and distributor GK Telecom plans to roll out 1,000 eSIM McDonald’s-type touchscreen kiosks across the UK that allow people to purchase an eSIM that works in 160 countries, with just a few finger taps.

The digital kiosk is being launched next week at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, which is expected to attract 70,000 visitors a day.

To buy the eSIM, people select their destination on the display and scan a QR code that appears. The kiosks will be strategically situated across the UK in key locations such as hotels, airports, and shopping malls. GK Telecom will be looking for retail partners to host the kiosks.

“Third-party resellers have significant revenue opportunities by partnering with us. Retailers who install our eSIM kiosks on their premises can earn a lifetime revenue share from every eSIM bundle purchased by customers,” said GK director Ravi Navaratnam.

“We are looking for partnerships with travel industry stakeholders and high-footfall sectors such as Transport for London (TFL). Collaborations with these partners would further enhance the accessibility and availability of our eSIMs to travellers.

“eSIMs are indeed available from various providers, but our groundbreaking solution lies in offering a single eSIM for 160 countries. Unlike traditional providers offering one eSIM per destination, we’re simplifying travel connectivity by offering a universal solution for global travellers.

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