Supporting Refugees

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GK Telecom is a leading UK distribution company that specialises in the telecommunications sector. We have been in operation for over 21 years and work with all UK networks in providing the service that gets their products to market.

In this difficult time, we understand that the local councils are playing a pivotal role in helping Ukrainian refugees find somewhere safe and welcoming so they can escape from the devastating war in Ukraine. We would like to help.

We would like to provide you with free of charge Pay as You Go SIM cards that can be handed out to the people you are supporting. These SIM cards will be a combination of zero value SIMs (would need topping up with credit) as well as an amount of SIM cards that are inclusive of credit.

GKT would also like to donate some mobile phone accessories to help these people adapt to a new life in the UK.


We would love to help so please contact us on to discuss how we can get these products to you as soon as possible.

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